Dutch private lessons 

I provide Dutch language lessons for all levels. I also offer A1, A2, B1 and B2 classes to prepare for inburgering/staatsexamen. Because of the pandemic the lessons will be online (FB, Zoom, Skype). My name is Michael Lobry, born and raised in The Netherlands. I have a lot of experience teaching Dutch.


1 on 1, affordable lessons

…Michael is a great Dutch teacher!

I recommend him.

why choose my class

The perfect situation to learn Dutch is when you are actually living in The Netherlands. Take this chance to practice your Dutch while enjoying your life in The Netherlands.

active learning

By switching different teaching styles regularly you will stay focused.  Active learning means putting yourself in situations where you need to actively use and practice the language in everyday situations. In my lessons I use all kinds of language games, roleplays and songs. Not only is active learning fun, it is also highly effective.

I can relate

I am born and raised in The Netherlands. As I am a mix myself (half Dutch half Sri Lankan) I can relate to expats struggling to learn Dutch. You can get by speaking English in The Netherlands, but you will feel more at home when you learn the native language. 

Your own pace

You can learn at your own pace and the programme will be completely tailor-made to meet your personal wishes. In comparison to group lessons, in private lessons you don’t fall behind if you miss a class. There is more time for personal improvements and you have the ability to discuss details or deviate from the programme.  


You can cancel the lesson at any time without paying for the canceled lesson. We can continue the lesson on another day.


If you get more motivated by learning Dutch with your partner or a friend, he may join you in all classes. Your partner doesn’t need to pay for the Dutch class. This should be great motivation for you both in order to learn Dutch. Having lessons with your best friend & laughing is fuel for learning Dutch. 

Bring your friend #2 (free of charge)

Teamwork, socializing and a speaking partner are ideal to learn a new language. The pace and progress are slower, but you will be able to continue learning Dutch for more hours a day without a headache. If you bring a friend to our class, you may get more motivation to practice with and get inspiration from your friend. Especially group assignments like singing, dialogues and simulations (routebeschrijving, telefoongesprekken, bestellen in een restaurant). 

About the classes
Before we start, I will have an intake interview to assess your language level and to discuss your learning goals.

You are expected to prepare each lesson with the digital part of the course material.

During the lesson you can practice and after the lesson you can do more exercises on the website to assimilate what you have learnt.

In order to get the most out of the course I recommend 2-3 hours self-study per lesson.